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1) Social-Justice Oriented: The presentation will educate/inform the audience about societal, cultural or other inequities and promote/discuss strategies that students may utilize to explore, challenge, or advocate for equity in the local, state, national, or global communities. 

2) Intersectional: The presentation addresses the multiple facets of oppression, inequity, and discrimination by exploring the interactions and relationships between identity factors including, but not limited to, race, gender, sexuality, class, age, and ability.

3) Relevant for College Students: The presentation is relevant for college students and is intended to build their skills and knowledge of social justice issues and advocacy.

4) Interactive: The presentation format allows for dialogue with and participation from the audience. Creativity is encouraged. 

We invite students, researchers, advocates, activists, and other professionals to submit workshop proposals. You are welcome to submit as many as you like. Those focused on empowering and educating women of color are strongly encouraged. 

We are looking for workshops that are centered around gender, particularly for women of color.

Proposals should cover all 4 of the following criteria:
Call for proposals
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